Shop Boho has relaunched!

Shop Boho has relaunched!

Welcome to the new Shop Boho! We're so excited to share with you our new branding. We're in love to say the least. Like everything, it's all a work in progress but it's a great step towards the direction we want to take our brand.

So, what's new?

  •  A new fresh logo. We unboxed our old logo and added boho elements and colors that represent our brand better. The colorful arrow in an upwards direction represents positivity. Just like the sun replaces the moon in the morning and refreshes your day, the sun appearing in front of the moon represents our logo replacement. We've freshened up with a more clear direction and our logo had to represent this. But the moon is still visible? Yes, because you never forget were you come from and the past always has a special magic that we all love to reminisce on.
  • New products. One of the most exciting things that we are bringing to the new Shop Boho is our own products! We made one-of-a-kind cosmetic bags, backpacks, towels, welcome mats and more. We'll continue to expand on these so feel free to tell us what you'd like to see. We also have new brands that fit right in with our style and we know you'll love them.
  • A new website. We've reworked our website with a new theme. We're hoping that it will help make it a better and simpler shopping experience for all of you. As always, leave us a message at any time if you have any suggestions. We're always making changes to better support your experience.
  • A new domain. In addition to, we have two new domains and On our original website, the pr stands for Puerto Rico, where we're from and although we serve our island primarily, we're already growing beyond our borders. 

What stays the same?

  • Our stellar service. We love to help and not having you in front of us is always a challenge that's why we have multiple fronts of communication, so that you can connect with us wherever it fits you best. Whatsapp, IG, Facebook, Email and even a good ol' phone call, we're here as you wish.
  • Quality products. Our top-notch quality products do not change either. We choose carefully and we choose wisely, from all across the world, so that you can enjoy your products for a long, long time. And if you ever have an issue, connect with us and we're always happy to make it right.

We hope you love our changes! Please let us know what you think. It's always great to hear from all of you.

Much love and peace,

Shop Boho

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