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Earthy Bib Necklace

Earthy Bib Necklace

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Enjoy the easy-on, easy-off textile necklace which opens and closes simply with a high quality strong magnetic clasp made of gold-plated bronze. This Statement Bib Necklace is made of polypropylene rope, wrapped with either cotton or silk yarn with colors varying between gold, orange, green and brown. The Square geometric shape attached is made of gold-plated brass.

Materials: Gold-plated brass, Cotton, Silk Yarn, Polypropylene Rope

♡ Dimension/Size: Square Pendant (outer diameter): 3.15 x 3.15 in

♡ Total length: approximately 27.56 in

♡ Diameter of the ropes (single strand width): approximately 0.15 in

*Due to this product's handmade quality, minor differences may occur.

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